• Image of Signs for the Home

"Dull Women Have Immaculate Homes"***

Get it for yourself. Your best friend. Your sister. Any woman can appreciate this in her home.

I have a variety of them strategically placed within my own home...sure, they speak the obvious, but isn't it nice to kindly remind your guests as to *why* your home doesn't have that look of perfection?

"No Solicitors/Please Knock Softly"***

Fantastic for any home and says all that needs to be said! Maybe you're tired of random solicitors because your dog goes bonkers if someone even *thinks* about knocking...or maybe you have a baby that takes frequent naps...or maybe you want to be prepared for those unanticipated times your toddler decides to take a needed nap...whatever the case, you'll be prepared with this sign!

***After placing your order, please email me at orders@sillyjillybeans.com to let me know what color scheme/pattern/preferences you have. I have all types of backgrounds we can work with - chevron, stripes, dots, paisley, floral, the list goes on and on! These are made after you order, and I love working with my customers!***

Wooden Plaque, approx. 9.5"x6.5" - comes with saw-tooth hanger on the back.

This item ships USPS Priority Mail.