• Image of Kid-Made Bookmarks for a Cause!

Last school year, my now 11 year old daughter, Jillian, created these original, colorful, happy bookmarks. Here's the story behind them . . . (Note: proceeds now go ENTIRELY to the Humane League!)

What better gift to give a friend, family member, child, or yourself than bookmarks designed, drawn, and colored by a 9 year old?! Even more fun is the fact that the artist is my daughter, Jillian, wanting to raise money! For a full story on these bookmarks, scroll down to the asterisks.

Each bookmark is being produced on Eco-Friendly 30% Recycled Coated, Flat Matte U/V Coated, heavy stock paper.
Bookmarks will be 2"x5.5" with a fun, colorful image on the front, and a special message from Jillian on the back!

Please note that we are also offering the option of downloading a file containing ALL of the images, UNcolored for $10! This way, you can get in on the current coloring craze, print them off as many times as you'd like, and color them however you would like! ***If purchasing JUST this option, please use the code, "FREESHIP4DOWNLOAD" at checkout so that you will not be charged shipping on the downloadable file. Thanks!!!

There are a variety of different price points and packages in the drop-down at the bottom of the page, but here are a few of the basic options:

1 bookmark - $2
3 - $5
8 - $10

Downloadable file - $10



Items are shipped USPS for a flat rate of $2.35.
*Use the code, "LOCAL" at checkout if you know one of us (Jillian or either of her parents) and see us with enough regularity that you would rather pickup in person.

When purchasing downloadable materials, an email will be sent after your purchase providing download instructions.

I'm so excited to share this listing with everyone! Many of you know that our daughter, Jillian, is VERY passionate about animal rights. She recently joined me in going vegan, declaring that turning 10 years old will officially mark the beginning of her first year as a vegan! Read on to see why this is relevant to our bookmarks...

Jillian's 5th grade class is selling chocolate candy bars, as each student is responsible for funding $175 it costs to go to Pine Cove camp in April (science camp). However, Jillian was immediately conflicted over the fact that chocolate has dairy, and she did not feel comfortable selling chocolate at the expense of the cows' welfare. The two of us brainstormed and came up with an alternative method of fundraising:

Jillian decided to make and sell animal-themed bookmarks that she has designed, drawn, and colored herself (these were done about a month before she turned 10!). She has always been an avid reader and extremely artistic, so we love the fact that these are extremely representative of our creative, justice-driven, animal advocate.

When she made the decision to do these bookmarks, she immediately said that she wanted HALF of the money to go toward animal advocacy, with great hope that she can help stop factory farms. She's extremely passionate about taking action against animal agriculture, not just for reasons one might assume a child would have (cute, baby animals, etc.), but for the many other, ethical, environmental, and health-related reasons. So, as we were researching possible donation recipients, she immediately took interest in The Humane League. And so, half of the money will go toward her trip, and half will go to this wonderful nonprofit! You can read about them here: http://www.thehumaneleague.com/

I pointed out to her that this basically means she'll need to sell *double* the amount she needs for the science camp...but I think it's safe to say that she is set on achieving BOTH goals - to raise money for her to be able to go on the class science trip, AND to take part in animal advocacy.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read her story! We hope you love her designs, and that you'll enjoy using her bookmarks for many years to come!