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Learn the basics of your machine or learn to hand-sew! Combine the two and even more components to do some mixed media!

It's up to you, your imagination, and what inspires you! Younger ones do best with hand-sewing; kids 8 and up (roughly) are typically fine at the sewing machine; and either option always has the possibility to lend itself to a little mixed media (papercrafting, stamping, etc.) as we get further into the sewing process.

A variety of class options/formats are available for "ordering" in the drop-down section at the bottom of this listing. If you have already discussed classes with me, simply select and add to your cart the different fees applicable to your class format. (Example: registration, supplies, session fee) ***Please be sure to adjust the quantity of session fees on the checkout page to reflect the number of hours I will be teaching you/your child.

*NOTE: A one time registration fee of $40 is built-into the cost of all "Basics" classes, as theoretically, this is your (or your child's) first class with me, and there are a variety of administrative tasks to be completed and materials to have ready for this first lesson. I will be giving you supplementary handouts, practice sheets, and lesson trackers to help you on your sewing journey after this lesson. I will also send you the necessary links so that you may be able to retrieve that information again.

Private, hourly (your home)
Semi-Private, hourly (2 or more in your home)

Basics class options (my home) - all blocks of time are approximate, but on the whole, most classes last about 2 hours, depending on age of student, and whether it's a 1 or 2 person class. The goal is that each student will leave this class feeling comfortable at their machine and have the confidence to practice on their own, having taken away the set of objectives below the short list of class structure options that follow:

Individual (age 6 and up)
Individual (adult)
Mommy and Me
Sew Fun 2 Learn Together! (2 kids)
Sew Fun 2 Learn Together! (2 adults)

Sewing Basics students:
By the end of class, you will have learned:

* the 4 main parts of your machine & how they work together & separately
* how to thread your machine (upper and lower threads)
* how to get thread onto an empty bobbin
* how to sew a straight line and zig-zags
* how to successfully pivot and sew curves
* how to change the needle in your machine
* the names of various tools and terms frequently used when sewing

We typically make a small creation as well; what it is depends on the remaining time in class, but some examples from past lessons are the following:

* pincushion
* small drawstring bag
* infinity scarf
* pillowcase
* "lovey" (stuffed animal)
* fabric banner
* dog bandana
* greeting card (sewing on paper!)

Of course, you'll also leave class with the pride and confidence that come in handy when you decide to practice these skills on your own, whether it be for a personal project or for gifts! Plus, you'll be ready to take on another, more "specialized" Silly Jillybeans Sewing Class in the future!

If you have a sewing machine, please bring it; I have 2 available for those who need to borrow.


A supply list will be emailed to all new students. Those that will be coming to my home for a basics class are not required to purchase supplies, though it is strongly recommended, especially if you already own a machine. If you do not yet have a machine, and are still deciding whether sewing is for you, I have plenty of supplies you may use during our class.

Students I will be teaching outside of my home should plan to acquire the supplies on the list, either on their own, or by selecting the option to have them provided by me (currently only available for the hand-sewing option). If you choose the latter, you will be getting new supplies for you to keep, but you won't have to go to the trouble of trying to find all of these potentially foreign, yet fascinating gadgets and items at their best prices...because I've already done that work for you!

Dates and Times may be scheduled by emailing me at: classes@sillyjillybeans.com

Location: Silly Jillybeans Sewing Studio (my house, in Sachse - address will be emailed to you after your order is placed)
Private/Semi-private lessons in your home

***Your payment secures your spot in the class.***

Why sign up for a class? Read on...

The one thing I hear more than anything else in my classes is a sense of pride, almost always mixed with amazement: kids are just beaming from the fact that they made something that looks like it might have come from a store! That's not to say every project will look "ready to sell" - in fact, I often tell kids it should *NOT* be perfect! You have to make mistakes and have imperfections to learn and get better at something! So while a parent or another peer may not see the item as being something they could have gotten from the store, to that child that constructed the item, there is a feeling of significant accomplishment that I believe comes from a tangible sense of control - even power! I think that this stems from the fact that a child often doesn't have control or power over when and what they get from the store. Having that knowledge, and developing the patience and the skills necessary to create fun *on your own* and *according to your own vision* is something to be excited about, very empowering, and very liberating! Needless to say, there's also something to be said for the ability to create something from start to finish!

I sincerely appreciate you allowing me to be a part of such a special time in your child's creative development! The joy I get to witness is such a privilege, especially having seen the talent and skill that so often grows from that first lesson!

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